Monarch Driving Instructor Training (TCIT) - Cost

We aim to provide our trainees with competitive prices for training as well as offering flexible payment options to spread the cost.  We have set out 3 payment options that are inclusive of all study materials and resources, the course book and 36 hours of training (12 x 3-hour sessions’) to complete module’s 1-12.  Training fee’s will deliver the full TCIT course to prepare the student to sit the part 3 test upon completion. These training fee’s do not offer a trainee badge or the extra training required for trainee licence (pink badge) entitlement as these are not compulsory.

Option 1

One payment of £2040 [Total cost £2040]

Option 2

£1000 Deposit followed by 6 Monthly instalments’ of £203.33 [Total cost £2220]

Option 3

£600 Deposit followed by 12 x 3-hour session’s at £150 per session to be paid when booking each session [Total cost £2400]


Additional Costs

  • Trainee Licence (Pink Badge) Training: 5 x 4-hour sessions, aimed at observing lessons from the PDI, giving feedback and development.  Total amount of hours is 20 (the minimum requirement for the ADI 21s application form)

£160 per session to be paid when booking each session.

  • Extra Training Sessions

Any training sessions needed outside of the structured plan will be chargeable on a pay as you go basis.  These 3-hour sessions are £120 per session to be paid when booking each session.


Test Fees (Payable to the DVSA)

  • Part 1 - £81
  • Part 2 - £111
  • Part 3 - £111


Licence Fees (Payable to the DVSA)

  • DBS Check - £6
  • Trainee Licence Application - £140
  • ADI Registration Certificate - £300

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