Welcome to Monarch Driving School St. Helens.

We are a small team of driving instructors who each operate our own independent driving school services affiliated to the well known brand of Monarch Driving School. We all subscribe to the fair and ethical treatment of learner drivers and all agree that excellent customer service is our top priority, this is why we choose to be affiliated with each other and with the Monarch brand. Please see our individual pages for information about what each of us offer and what our prices are.

Please note that there is no longer a central contact for Monarch as we appreciate that it is more efficient for you to be able to contact your preferred driving instructor directly.

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Jackie Wynn - Manual Driving Lessons St. Helens

I have been dedicated to improving the quality of life for my students for over a decade and understand that learning to drive is an important step in people's lives - the independence of having a car is crucial for many people. I am keen to promote a positive and safe attitude as well as excellent understanding and practical driving skills. I am patient, friendly and get along easily with people. It is important to me that my students are happy and relaxed.

My working week is Monday-Friday 9am-3pm and I offer lessons that are 1 hour, 1.5 hours and 2 hours. Please see my page for prices and updates about availability. I am always happy to hear from anyone who needs help and advice so please use the contact form on my page or call/text 07815 968838.

Paul Roylance - Automatic Driving Lessons St. Helens

I am an experienced driving instructor in St. Helens offering Automatic driving lessons. I believe that driving automatic is a fantastic and modern approach to driving that has become increasingly popular over the past decade and feel very happy to offer this service to my learner drivers.

I have a relaxed approach with my learners and like to have a sense of humour about things, I find that it is more productive and we achieve more when my learner driver is enjoying their lesson.

My teaching hours are 9am-3pm on weekdays, to get in touch please use the contact form on my page or call/text 07795 158511


Steve Wynn - Manual Driving Lessons St. Helens

After 30 years in the fire service and retiring relatively young I decided to take up a new challenge using the skills I had developed in the fire service. Towards the end of my fire service career I worked with vulnerable teenagers, this influenced my decision to become a driving instructor.

I have taken many people through the learning process, not only helping them to pass the driving test but helping them to develop safe driving for life.
My car is a dual controlled Renault Capture, it is small enough to manoeuvre easily with the advantage of being slightly higher than a lot of small cars giving a better view of the road.

If you would like a discounted trial lesson with a friendly professional qualified driving instructor please contact me via my page or call/text 07921 258706

We are delighted to have you here visiting our page and thank you for considering our driving school in your search for a reputable driving instructor in the St. Helens area.


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At Monarch Driving School we are very passionate about delivering inspirational driving lessons that encourage our learner drivers to have a responsible and positive attitude to road safety. There is a lot more to learning to drive than controlling the vehicle and memorising the rules of the highway code.

Monarch Driving School driving instructors work tirelessly to gain the best results possible from every individual student. We work through cognitive behaviour, attitude, personality and circumstantial matters to educate our drivers thoroughly before presenting them for their driving test.

  • We are fully qualified, professional driving instructor’s.
  • Driving lessons are delivered in a structured and understandable manner.
  • We are polite, friendly and nice – no drama’s and no horror stories!
  • We have a great deal of respect for our students, their time, their money, their determination and their ambition to be a driver.
  • We take our responsibility of bringing good quality new drivers to our roads very seriously.
  • We have a strong moral compass and believe in being fair to our customers, colleagues and the public.

If you have had driving lessons before then you will know that the service provided by each driving school/driving instructor will vary. The characteristics of the driving instructor and their approach to you as a student will determine whether you enjoy your driving lessons, learn productively and ultimately – pass your driving test.

You may have had an extremely experienced and knowledgeable driving instructor, but sadly they didn’t turn up for your driving lessons or were always late. Or perhaps your very experienced and knowledgeable driving instructor was very assuming that you would understand everything straight away and this left you feeling belittled, awkward or embarrassed. Maybe your experienced and knowledgeable driving instructor got irritated when you made mistakes and this made you feel nervous and afraid to ask questions?

You deserve better!

….and we are honoured to be your local driving school with a first-class team because of our…

  • Patience
  • Understanding
  • Empathy
  • Trustworthiness
  • Positivity
  • Responsibility
  • Good manners
  • Customer care

We invite you to experience Monarch Driving School for yourself. You are welcome to take just one lesson to sample our services, no commitment, no gimmicks, just a straightforward lesson to sample our teaching style.

Monarch Driving School are currently able to offer manual and automatic driving lessons in St. Helens, please contact your preferred driving instructor from their individual page to make an enquiry.

For safety reasons, legal reasons and respect for our students we are limited in our ability to answer phone calls during our working day. We therefore respectfully request that you make contact by submitting an enquiry form ensuring that you include your contact number if you wish for us to call you back. If you do prefer to call or text then please provide as much detail as possible in your message so that we are able to get back to you when we are not with a student. Thank you
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